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      Why Outsource:


  • Cut Per Unit Cost.
  • Decrease Production Time.
  • Reduce Procurement Activity.
  • Reduce Your Labor Costs.
  • Eliminate Need for Expensive Packaging Equipment.
  • Eliminate Storage of Packaging Component Inventory.
  • Increase Your Profitability.
  • Allows Management to Focus on its Core Business Activities.

                    Look for these Characteristics in an                            Outsourcing Company: 

  • Business Partners who will listen rather than sell.
  • A company that performs as promised.
  • A company that has the operating capabilities to perform      your job, as well as expertise in the industry.
  • A company with strong network of business alliances  with         quality expertise.
  • Business Partners that communicate well and inform you
    step-by-step during the production process.



Go ahead and give us a call, BERK Packaging will work hard

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Outsourcing creates lower

per unit cost and more

profit for your company.


Great outsourcing partners

build bridges to your

success, not walls